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IRC meeting done on January 6th about the Community for USA

* Now talking on #ooonlc
* Topic for #ooonlc is: Native Language Confederation users channel | We can also discuss about problems to release your NL versions | |
* Topic for #ooonlc set by MechtiIde at Fri Jan  1 03:22:51 2010
<atjensen> What about OO.o activities in North America - 2010?
<jza> so is there a calendar book already in NA?
<jza> I wonder if a google public calendar 
<atjensen> Not on the
<atjensen> Florian mentioned an on-line calendar of events and indeed there are already many.
<jza> could be available about FOSS
<jza> but focused in the US
<atjensen> What I was thinkng of was a calendar that was assembled by individuals actually saying that they or someone having to do with OO.o would be there.
<atjensen> and use as one would to try and generate meet-ups
<atjensen> It might be that we could see that 2 or 3 people are looking at a conference and ask if one would lead a BOF session
<atjensen> or is someone already does that and is doing it again - to help get the word out
<jza> right
<jza> but to have the word out we need to promote events on the list
<jza> I guess we already have a good amount already
<jza> xScale and OSCON and pretty much the two main events nearing 
<atjensen> Today for instance on the user mailing list Johnathon announced that he will be releasing a paper dealing with OO.o at BibleTech 2010, March ?, in san Jose ca.
<jza> we could be asking on the list who will be at any of these events and recruit them.
<jza> cool
<jza> I was invited to a CSIC event in Orlando but was too um... cumbersome to participate that I just couldnt be bother
<atjensen> Yes - I looked at the list of conferences at the wiki this afternoon. Would we add the conferences to that list, do you think?
<jza> yes is good to have it on the wiki
<jza> that way we can also ask people to contribute
<jza> if we are missing some event
<jza> BTW what did louis reply with?
<atjensen> i was also thinking of a little web form that asks folks
<atjensen> Where do you want to see OTTO?
<atjensen> And let them fill in the name of some festivial, conference or group that they think there would be interest in an OO.o presence of some kind.
<jza> yeah I think Google Spread has a form module to do this polling or Zoho also have good form pages
<atjensen> I've tried the Google form and it seems to work pretty well...anyway it was just a thought as a way to look outwards to events that would target user bases for the application.
<jza> right
<atjensen> Today on the marketing list someone mentioned evangalizing and I suppose I am thinking more along this line - this thinking about looking out to events not necessarily FOSS but say a teachers IT conference and the like
<atjensen> But whether we could find volunteers to go to such an event and man a booth...well, that is where I thought that if user community members could say where they are going - well, they might well be wiling to put a few hours in a booth...then the recruiting is to find others that would go out of there way to be at such an event..
<jza> yes I know, tech events like teched or this web 2.0 events could be good
<jza> there are many ways to evangelize from local communities to network with people already doing a lot of floss promotion
<jza> I know many of them like helios, there are many american podcasters on the linux sphere
<jza> like TLLTS, Linux basement, Lotta linux links, etc.
<jza> so we can take care of their leverage and use it to send the message out
<jza> we can also initiate or encourage someone to initiate an OOo related podcast/videoblog etc.
<atjensen> Yes I agree with this
<atjensen> I would say then that I am thinking of three areas of interset
<atjensen> One - User oriented events ( Biblefest, Education Conference, Banking conference...etc)
<atjensen> Two - Community FOSS ( LinuxFests..etc)
<atjensen> Three - OO.o events ( Regional Conference)
<jza> sounds great
<jza> we could also think on flash workshops
<jza> like 1 day events to do some talks, training etc.
<jza> also was something I wanted to ask you, how much network do you have in your area to maybe pullin people into being part of OOo
<jza> I know many people that are active across other projects like Arts
<atjensen> me - I know mostly folks form the OO.o lists really and then maybe another dozen or so from other FOSS projects, as acquaintances I suppose
<jza> yeah
<atjensen> In my physical neighborhood there are OO.o users and local dealers that put OO.o on new that what you mean, also?
<jza> what I did in the last event in Mexico city is that I went to the Java community
<jza> and many people were interested in contributing
<jza> atjensen: yeah, some kind of local team, usually is better than just 1 individual 
<jza> even if they are not OOo people but are willing to participate
<jza> on events for "a good cause" or just something furthering IT in Education for example, or IT in small businesses
<jza> there are many nitches that we could find support
<atjensen> Oh, it's amazing what you can get people to do if you promise them, good coffee, hot donuts and stimulating conversation...of course you have to deliver on all counts..
<jza> yeah
<jza> :)
<atjensen> Well 45 minutes went by quickly.
<jza> I guess we got a todo list now
<jza> we would need to basically let other people chip in
<jza> and we can give more structure to this brainstorm
<atjensen> Yes..
<jza> I think that OOo budget could be used for this events as long as it's just donuts coffee :) 
<jza> we could do a college lab or something like that
<jza> if we can get sponsors that would be great
<jza> we just need to find enough people, document everything, and be able to sellin some sponsors
<atjensen> OK - so what are the things that need doing right now?
<jza> well we need like a structure
<jza> like if we want to do workshops what do we have to offer
<jza> OOo Cds, talks and maybe workshops
<jza> let say the main target is end users or people wanting to learn IT we need to make a decision here.
<jza> there is the people that might not know floss, or the people that dont know about computers (different population)
<atjensen> Certification?
<jza> no, just a workshop
<jza> let say, how print labels
<jza> which is something many business do
<jza> how to balance your checkbook
<jza> Gabriel's book is great for this
<jza> if we can do some public workshops about this content
<jza> give out OOo Stickers and CDs 
<jza> I think we got an event
<atjensen> yes those are all good ideas
<atjensen> Well, I think an hour is sufficient.  Shall we post this as the minutes from the first "fill in the group name' meeting?
<atjensen> I would like to look more at what you have in mind about structure.
<jza> yes
<jza> lets keep talking about this on the list
<jza> I think US Community is pretty accurate
<jza> OOoUSA
<atjensen> I like OOoUSA
<atjensen> but it would be a name for - what?
<jza> an OOo community
<atjensen> *smile*...
<atjensen> A web site, a page on the OOo wiki, a non-profit corp...?
<jza> babysteps
<jza> we can start with a wikipage
<jza> move on to a incubator project
<atjensen> ok a page on the wiki
<jza> we can also blog about it
<atjensen> yes - 
<jza> I am sure that Ben could get re-blogged online 
<jza> he got a very well visited blog (SolidOffice)
<atjensen> Alright - so we make a page on the wiki that is named OOoUSA (or some such)
<atjensen> We get a buch of blogs out there that talk about this new group? this wiki page? this?
<atjensen> Actually - back to what I was originally thinking of and trying to tie it in here
<atjensen> If we could set up this idea of "Meet Otto"...(I know I need to explain this more)
<atjensen> with our list of locations (events) where known OO.o folks will be
<atjensen> wil our way for people to say they will be somewhere -( the form)
<atjensen> and start some type of regular discussion towards are more organized group
<atjensen> Have that the focus of the wiki page  and then yes blogs, etc to get folks to come view it.
<atjensen> :>
<atjensen> Ok - well, this is a good time for me to call it a night. 
<jza> ok take care
<jza> nice chat
<jza> buh bye
<atjensen> *lookie-here*. is a darned pricey domain name. network solutions lists it for $2988.00
<jza> dont worry about domains
<jza> actually is rejected the idea of having our own domain
<atjensen> Oh, I just find it interesting.
<jza> usually should be within the same
<jza> like other communities
<atjensen> Really?
<atjensen> I thought viral marketing worked best...distributed a bit
<atjensen> ?
<atjensen> anyway - just was a bit surprised at the premium price that the particular domain name pulled that's all.
<jza> ok
<atjensen> Ok - this time I am off. Pleasure talking and I will create the wiki page OOoUSA - put a copy of our discussion - and make a blog entry about it all :>}
<atjensen> Good night
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