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Disk Contents Community assembled contents for distribution specifically at the ALA 2010 conference

Format: DVD

Language: En and Es

Disk contents to address different audiences:

Large metropolitan library or school System / University Libraries / Business and Professional

  • ODF Documents / ODF Tools / OO.o Developer Documents / OO.o SDK
    • ODFtoolkit
    • lPod

Library Branch level / Public or Private School

  • / OOo4Kids / OO.o User Documentation / Extensions / Templates / Clip-Art
    • 3.2 all platforms Default en, es available
    • OOo4Kids (new build?) available platforms en only

(must check/get permissions) Possible extensions so far

  • Euro Office On-Line Clipart (Does not work with OOo4Kids - installs - won't launch under XP - big concerns on license)
  • Sun PDF Import (works with Ooo4Kids - no failures found - Checked XP only)
  • Read Text (ooo4kids installs under xp, couldn't get it to work, out of the box anyway)
  • Template Changer (not tested yet)
  • OOoBlankLabels (not tested yet)


  • odt2daisy (OO.o only)

Art work


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