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American Library Association national conference

Location: Washington, DC Date: June 24-29, 2010



~20,000 attendees 01/14/09 - According to organizers and based on the last couple events, last year, they expect attendance between 21,000 and 23,000.

~400 vendors


How many folks do we really need?

If we have a core confirmed group and a larger 'might' group can this core group be smaller then our 'need' estimate above?


Ben, Anthony

How much would OO.o need to subsidize and/or how much could they?


Those that will commit to be there


Joyce Demonbrun

Drew Jensen


Committed to attend, with housing arrangements fnalized (understood) and availabe dates/times confirmed.

Booth - Content - Material

10 X 10 booth vs Press table ( Need decision )

01/14/10 Spoke with Richard Widick (ALA expo organizer).

  • The final registration date 1/29 can be flexible.
  • First round of booth assignments will happen this week.
  • Technology pavilion on floor should have good booths left. (He will email as soon as the updated floor map is available.) Good here means closest to the Assitive Technology pavilion - other words, not in the corner.
  • Running a wifi network in the booth for electronic distribution of product and services to attendees is allowable.
    • We may not offer gateway to outside services (no internet access)
    • Broadcast network name:

Andy Brown has offered to supply OO.o CD's for distribution. has offered office supplies (paper/labels) for complimentary distribution.


(spread sheet here...but till)

Press table = $800

Booth = $2,025

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