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*Linux Journal (Rikki)
*Linux Journal (Rikki)
*Full Circle Magazine ( ? )
*Full Circle Magazine ( ? )
*[http://www.mmischools.com/ Multi-Media & Internet at schools]  ( ? ) Focus is k-12 grade (OOo4Kids demo in booth?)
Other ideas?</blockquote>
Other ideas?</blockquote>

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American Library Association national conference

Location: Washington, DC

Date: June 24-29, 2010

Conference web site


Introduce OpenOffice.org specifically and FOSS generally

How do we ensure that we reach decision makers?

Reach out to interested parties in advance, let them know we will be there

Inform media of our presence

Other ideas?

Convey the fitness of OpenOffice.org for use in a Library setting

Use by patrons at kiosks

Use by library staff

Other goals?


~20,000 attendees 01/14/09 - According to organizers and based on the last couple events, last year, they expect attendance between 21,000 and 23,000.

~400 vendors


How many folks do we really need?

If we have a core confirmed group and a larger 'might' group can this core group be smaller then our 'need' estimate above?


Ben, Anthony

How much would OO.o need to subsidize and/or how much could they?


Those that will commit to be there


Joyce Demonbrun

Drew Jensen


Committed to attend, with housing arrangements fnalized (understood) and availabe dates/times confirmed.

Booth - Content - Material

10 X 10 booth vs Press table ( Need decision )

01/14/10 Spoke with Richard Widick (ALA expo organizer).

  • The final registration date 1/29 can be flexible.
  • First round of booth assignments will happen this week.
  • Technology pavilion on floor should have good booths left. (He will email as soon as the updated floor map is available.) Good here means closest to the Assitive Technology pavilion - other words, not in the corner.
  • Running a wifi network in the booth for electronic distribution of product and services to attendees is allowable.
    • We may not offer gateway to outside services (no internet access)
    • Broadcast network name: OpenOffice.org-ALA-2010

Andy Brown has offered to supply OO.o CD's for distribution.

WorldLabel.com has offered office supplies (paper/labels) for complimentary distribution.

OOoAuthors will furnish, at no cost, printed copies of OOo user guides available for display at the booth.


(spread sheet here...but till)

Press table = $800

Booth = $2,025

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