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*Create or apply modifications to the applications source, configuration files as needed.
*Create or apply modifications to the applications source, configuration files as needed.
*Configure client communication settings for the service application
*Configure client communication settings for the service application
*Configure server configuration settings for the service application
*Configure server settings for the service application
**Database indexing
**Database indexing
**Database backups ( working with network admins )
**Database backups ( working with network admins )

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This page is a spin-off of the Constitution page and specifically aims to provide a collaboration vehicle to agree the OOo User Community Rolls for the users of the site (Users).


Guests are Users who can search and access the information provided by the site, but cannot post or modify its content. No registration or validation is required to be a Guest. The site is open to all. (1).


Member are Users who have completed the site registration process(2). Members can also post or modify the information content of the site, within the content rules of the site.


Any Member who wishes to take on a more active part in the life of the site (and commit to defined responsibilities for any site role that the Member has accepted) can request to become a Volunteer. The site Volunteers are collectively referred to as the User Community Volunteers (UCV). There is no cap on the size of the UCV.

There are four precursors to being accepted as a Volunteer:

  • The Member must apply to become a Volunteer(2).
  • The Member must have shown some evidence of sustained commitment to the site. An example of such commitment could be say 100 postings and wiki contributions, or a number of material articles over a six month period. A equivalent track record on an associated community (for example one of the other active OpenOffice.org or Linux related forums will normally be acceptable.
  • The Member's request must be supported by two or more Volunteers, who have validated the Members application and are willing to endorse this membership.
  • The application must be endorsed by a UCV Vote(3). The quorum for the vote is one third of the UCV, and a two-thirds majority must be obtained of votes cast.

Any Volunteer may propose the removal of Volunteer status for any Volunteer.

In cases where the Volunteer is not simply resigning from Volunteer status, but is proposed for removal by a second Volunteer, there must be just cause for the proposal; such cause could include:

  • lapse of status since the Member concerned has been inactive on the site and in the Volunteer role for over six months;
  • repeated abuse or disregard of the site, the membership or standing instructions endorsed by the UCV/

In such a case, the proposal must be supporting by a seconding Volunteer, and the removal must then be endorsed by a UCV Vote(3). The quorum for the vote is one third of the UCV, and a two-thirds majority must be obtained of votes cast. (Once removed, a member can subsequently reapply for Volunteer status.)

Roles available to Volunteers

(These need fleshed out an this is really just a place holder on this first version, but the basic principle is that the list and responsibilities of the site roles can evolve overtime under change control and endorsement through the UCV voting process.

Site Administrator

Individuals that are willing to take on the responsibilities necessary to perform a due diligence in the following areas:

Help maintain the security of the host system by:

  • Maintaining good working relationship with designated network administration staff at Sun Microsystems, Hamburg Germany.
  • Maintain contact with the vendor's / supplier's information service for any applications run on the server.
  • Take agreed upon steps when any security announcement is made by the vendors / suppliers.
  • Follow agreed upon steps should a security breach of any application on the server become suspected. For example: notified by a board user that they suspect a problem.
  • Perform steps necessary to carry out agreed upon configuration control procedures on application level services running on the server. During modifications of the applications, application of patches, reconfigurations.
  • Follow agreed upon steps / actions to implement and maintain a disaster recovery plan. ( off site storage of backups, off site storage of application modifications, included files and configuration settings, etc )

Support the Service Administrators by performing the following tasks

  • Create or apply modifications to the applications source, configuration files as needed.
  • Configure client communication settings for the service application
  • Configure server settings for the service application
    • Database indexing
    • Database backups ( working with network admins )

Service Administrator

Individuals that are willing to take on the responsibilities necessary to maintain an application level service.
For example the Forum service Administrator would perform the following, and other, functions:

  • May add, edit, delete, and reorder the forums, categories, and links.
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Manage Group Accounts
  • Manage Board Level Settings ( Email, Template, etc )
  • Support the Service Moderator's

Content Manager

Drew 22:54, 9 September 2007 (CEST)When I first read content manager what came to my mind was the situation with the person looking publishing an OO.o magazine. I suppose he would be a content manager. Site Administrators would support him, similar to support for the service administrators. He would in turn follow some procedure for placing his content on the site. That may be emailing it to a site admin. on the first go round, or maybe placing in the CM system, at some point some automation, using a existing tool or perhaps a customized mag_admin screen just for this purpose.

I could also see this person being the moderator of a dedicated forum. Looking at the templates based mods available, for instance the one used to generate the home page at OOoForum. It is easy to see a way to support a magazine, having the lower 'blog' like list of recent posts limited to the dedicated forum.

Service Moderator


A forum for example:

  • The user is granted service application level rights to access the moderator control panel.



Limitations on Site Access

Some transactional rate limiting mechanisms may apply to prevent robot users degrading the performance of the site for normal interactive users. We also need to consider whether we bar certain users and / or IP address/domains.

Site Registration Process

The Site Registration Process has two variants:

  • The standard process is for Users who want to become a Member of the site. The main reason form this process is to assign an identity for purposes of tracking changes that the user wishes to make. The minimum content is correct response to a "Captcha" dialogue or equivalent to eliminate SPAMing bots, and the submission a valid contact email address and response to an email sent to that address. The email address is retained as confidential information and not published on the site without written authorisation by said Member. It is there is to ensure that the site has a means of contacting the member: the site will not permit contributions from users without a valid supporting contact address. There are various other optional fields that the User can specify.
  • The stricter process is for Users who want to become a Volunteer. Since such Volunteers can be appointed to trusted roles within the site, the UCV needs to have some confidence in the provenance and credentials of the applicant. In this case the application must include an a public identity (name, country, work experience, etc.) and a short personal statement of why the candidate wishes to become a volunteer. These details will normally be validated by two existing volunteers. The applicant must agree that all such details can be made available to peer Volunteers, but not accessible by normal Guests and Members except at the Volunteer's own discretion.

UCV Voting Process

Again another placeholder. In general the UCV will be the normal voting forum. Hopefully we can batch routine votes up to say once per month, so that we don't get bombarded by votes.

We also need to think about the when, what how of general Membership votes.

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