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==Hosting Provider==
==Hosting Provider==
Main Contact: [mailto:ccornell@openoffice.org| Clayton Cornell], Sun Microsystems <br>
* Main Contact: [mailto:ccornell@openoffice.org Clayton Cornell], Oracle
Network Administration: [mailto:gm@openoffice.org| Gerd], Sun Microsystems 
* Network Administration: [mailto:gerd.weiss@oracle.com Gerd Weiss], Oracle
* Is there a more appropriate general use email address for the network support staff?
==Ucer Community Volunteers==
==Ucer Community Volunteers==

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Hosting Provider

Ucer Community Volunteers

Site Administrators

TerryE (Terry Ellison)

DrewJensen User services site Drew (CEST)

Forum Administrators


How to report a problem

A few words here, I suppose on both techincal problems with the site and how to raise usage issues on the forum or wiki, ...

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