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The user.services.openoffice.org site is expected to evolve over time in order to meet its stated goals. This requires some process be in place to define, plan and implement these changes.

The Change Control Board shall consist of the following individuals

  • All = Site Administrators
  • All - Service Administrators
  • All - Content Managers
  • 1 - Moderators
  • All Projects Managers
    • All - Ombudsman ( NON-Voting member )

Functions of the Change Control Board

Review requests for new features / services

Determine requirements for implementing accepted change requests

Coordinate the implementation of accepted requests

Steps to propose a new feature / service

  • Member initiated
  • Change Control Board initiated

How the Change Control Board reporting requirement

The change control board shall maintain a wiki page reporting on it's activities.

Author: DrewJensen (Drew)
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