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For the translation update of the 2.2 version a number of native language Community has volunteered to contribute to the translation work of approx. 5000 words for which Sun usually provides translation:

The Communities who have adhered to this initiative are:

  • the NL Community
  • the French Community
  • the Germanophone Community
  • the Italian Community
  • the Spanish Community
  • the Brazilian Community
  • the Swedish Community


Translation start date: January 4th Translation delivery date: January 18th at noon CET

Release Map with translation deadlines specific for the 2.2 release can be found at:


The files to be translated by the Community members will be in the xlz file format (sdf files converted into xlz files) and will be delivered as zip file attached to a l10n issue. The translation tool the Communities have agreed to use is the Open Language Tool which they have already used for previous translations. Once the Communities have finalized the translation of the files, they will return the issue to the submitter attaching the translated files. The Language Leads will then perform some additional review on the translated files and will provide their feedback to the n-l communities via QA matrix attached to the issue. No changes will be carried out in the files translated by the community members unless there is a common agreement on the changes. Changes in the translated files which are not exlicitely declared as show stopper in Issue Tracker will be integrated into the next release.

Tips and Tools


build a team of translators and 1-2 reviewers to work on the project. I recommend to keep the number of the reviewers to 1-2 people, since the more translators and reviewers working on the project, the less you can ensure quality and consistency. For all the above language there is a Sun Language Lead who may consulted in case of language related questions.


SunGloss ( is the repository of the latest terminology used in the StarOffice/ product. You can request access to consult the tool. We recommend to use SunGloss instead of a spreadsheet because it shows all entries (including deleted entries that were used but not anymore). In this way it's possible for all to look at the evolution of a translation, and discuss about it when it's needed, especially during the review process.


The translation tool OLT can be found at: A quick guide on how to use the tool can be found at:

Roles and Responsibilities

Language N-L Lead
main contact(s)
Language Lead Central Engineer(s) Project Lead Other
Brazilian Roberto Salomon
Claudio Filho
Augusta Marques Da Silva Petr Dudacek
Damien Donlon
Rafaella Braconi  
Dutch Arthur Buijs Natalie Koning Petr Dudacek
Damien Donlon
Rafaella Braconi  
French Sophie Gautier Jerome Roy Petr Dudacek
Damien Donlon
Rafaella Braconi  
German Jacqueline Rahemipour
Marko Moeller
Berit Bonde Petr Dudacek
Damien Donlon
Rafaella Braconi  
Italian Andrea Pescetti
Alessandro Cattelan
Monica Badia Petr Dudacek
Damien Donlon
Rafaella Braconi  
Spanish Santiago Bosio Aridane Vilardane-Viegra Petr Dudacek
Damien Donlon
Rafaella Braconi Alexandro Colorado  
Swedish Lars D. Noodén Sofia Nilsson Petr Dudacek
Damien Donlon
Rafaella Braconi  

Files for Translation (Italian) (French) (Brazilian) (German) (Spanish) (Dutch) (Swedish)

Q & A

This session will be filled in with Q & As which will be raised and answered during the translation initiative

Q: Which is the total wordcount estimated for the update 2.2 release?
A: The estimated total wordcount is 7000 words. GUI approx. 411 words, Online Help approx. 6380 words.

Q: I have no experience with the OLT. Can I receive the files for translation in .po format?
A:Yes, we can convert the .sdf file into .po file format. The .xlz file format you can edit with the OLT editor is an additional step we carry out after having converted the .sdf file into .po files

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