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This is a request by Florian Effenberger (

In 2006, a Template Contest took place and prizes were awarded. Up to now, not a single prize has been paid, as far as I know. Every now and then, I receive requests on what happened, and recently faced criticism regarding the new Sun contest. Questions were raised like "Will awarded prizes be paid this time, or are we better off not taking part at all, because the project makes false promises?" Most participants from 2006 told that they already forwarded their bank account information to Team, but nothing has happened yet.

I consider it being very important to solve that issue as soon as possible, as people have been waiting for nearly two years now...

There is another problem linked with prizes: We participated in the Google Summer of Code 2006, and agreed upon Team, Cusoon and Deutschland e.V. share the costs for the prize. Up to now, Deutschland e.V. has not received any money from Team (Cusoon already paid). We tried to solve that various times. The project that won the prize is, IMHO, QATrack.

Please come up with a solution, as this has been taking a lot of time already.

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