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The VCL TestTool is the application used to automatically test OOo from the UI. Basically, it connects to the running office, and sends artificial key and mouse event. For that to work, it normally needs a machine (or at least a display) on its own.

How to setup the VCL TestTool

Download the testtool application here (you probably want the OOo2.0 binaries). Unpack the archive, start the testtool executable. Read up on how to setup here. Please note that the base and HID directories on the profile tab page must point to a checked-out tree of the qa/qatesttool directory:

cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.services.openoffice.org:/cvs co qa/qatesttool

The basedir must point exactly to that checked-out directory, e.g. <somepath>/qa/qatesttool, the HID directory to e.g. <somepath>/qa/qatesttool/global/hid. After that, change to the Generic tabpage in the Extras->Settings dialog, select OOoProgramDir as Area (if it does not exist: simply type it literally in the Area edit line), and enter the path to an installed OOo instance in the Settings edit field (enter the full path to the place where the soffice/ooffice binary is located, usually something like <path>/program).

How to run tests

Open one of the test scripts in the qa/qatesttool directory, e.g. qa/qatesttool/framework/first/first.bas or qa/qatesttool/framework/first/topten.bas. Press F5 to run the test. Eventually, the office pointed to by the Generic settings page will open, and the test will be run (make sure the office keeps the focus, and best leave both keyboard and mouse alone during test run).

Compare against master builds

If your CWS showed errors during testtool runs, compare it against the master build OOoRelease1AutomationTestMatrix.

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