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Definition (source: Internation Software Quality Board)

A document specifying a set of test cases (objective, inputs, test actions, expected results, and execution preconditions) for a test item. [After IEEE 829]

How To's

A new software specification has been created

In OpenOffice.org (OOo) test case specifications should be added as an attachment to the FEATURE or ENHANCEMENT task in Issue Tracker (aka IssueZilla) to be able to enter an URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to the Ott.png OpenOffice.org Software Specification Template.

A software Specification has been updated

If an old software specfication (Specification Project on OOo) will be enhanced and also the test case specification will have been changed the new URL has to be entered in the updated software specification.

We have to do it the described way until the QA-Project will have defined another solution.

How to get the URL?

After the test case specification has been attached to the issue click with right click (left handed mouse vice versa) on the link/URL to the test case specification shown in Issue Tracker under attachments. Most web browsers have the entry Copy link [or similar]. This link/URL is needed for the specification. You should able to paste it with [CTRL v] into OOo or other applications.

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