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How to use the VCL TestTool with Valgrind

  • You need to define two times in your VCL TestTool:

1. Time that OOo needs to startup under Valgrind - In the VCL TestTool (Extra->Settings->Generic->Area) create the entry OOoStartupTimeOut and set it to 420 2. Time that OOo needs to shutdown under Valgrind - create the entry OOoShutdownTimeOut and set it to 90

  • If you run several testcases, you might want to collect the valgrind output depending on them;

- Your VCL TestTool start script needs to create the file $HOME/tcs.txt and put the name of the .bas file into it that you are going to run. For internal Tooling reasons the first character is cut of. So make sure to insert a garbage character. The file is read before starting soffice and the environment variable tcs is set to the name of the .bas file. this variable can be used by valgrind tooling from Nikolai Pretzell

  • Missing: what to do and where to find the result.
  • Missing: how to prepare the soffice start script
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