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Username alignment for Template and Extension website

Curently there exists various login locations with usernames that have no connection to each other. For the benefit of using just one name for three sites some historical development of the sites have to be aligned. I can not influence the OOo main site, but I can make it comfortable on the extenion and template site.

Mail for website@extensions.openoffice.org

Success migrated on templates manual: OpenOffice.org Template site: Your Username Your login to http://templates.services.openoffice.org got successfull migrated.

   To login from now on, please use your username: ".$user->name."
   and password as used on the OpenOffice.org main site: http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/TLogin
   An email is send to ".name."@openoffice.org with this message for your records.
   The change was done, because your old login was an email adress, which was possible to choose on registration by error.
   This change only affects your login name to templates.services.openoffice.org.
   Thorsten Bosbach (tbo@openoffice.org)

Mail to ask for migration: OpenOffice.org Template site: Your Username: ACTION REQUIRED Your login to http://templates.services.openoffice.org needs to get migrated.

Your current login is your email adress. To be able to offer a single sign on solution in the future we need your coresponding OpenOffice.org main site login name.

Please go to http://templates.services.openoffice.org/user/login and login with your current email adress: jlkdjl@kjhkh.dsd.j Then go to http://templates.services.openoffice.org/migrate_it and follow the instructions

You will get an email if everything went well.

   Thorsten Bosbach (tbo@openoffice.org)

-> extensions mention to check license name, which is new & if licensecategory 'not specified'

Mail for website@extensions.openoffice.org

Upcoming changes to the user login behaviour on extension and template website

Short abstract:

For the benefit of a single sign on login on template and extension website (and later on the general openoffice.org site) some preperation will take place and actions need to be taken by some users on each site.

This action is most important for users who contributed content, commented and voted on each site.

For this to work, every account needs to be mapped to the openoffice.org main site login name, since this is the only commen name that can be exchanged accross the sites and is unique.

The possibility to create new accounts on the template and extension website will be removed during the migration period. Only users who already have an account will be able to login. If you have to provide a template or an extension you would have to request it manually.

You will get a mail, when your account is ready for migration with information on how to proceed.

Longer details for the curious:

Lets see which login methods are currently in use: There exists 3 login locations:

O) OpenOffice.org main site: http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/Login

   Either use a username or your email
   You have to register to get an account here

T) Template site: http://templates.services.openoffice.org/en/user/login

   Use your username from O)
   (There was a time where also the email from O) was accepted, this
    was an error, which will now also be corected)
   No need to register, just login.
   If logged in for the first time, a local account is generated
   automatical for some local bookkeeping related to this site.

E) Extension site: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/en/user/login

   You have to register here to get an account.
   Login is possible with the username.
   There is no connection to your account from O)
   This is for historical reasons, because in the beginning of the site
    the external authentication service from O) did not exist.

The long term goal is to just login on the OpenOffice.org main site and you will be automagical logged in on the other sites. For this to work a common unique username needs to get established. This will be the username from O). So what changes need to be made now on T) and E) for this?

Template site (T)

The site acceppted just OpenOffice.org main site login credentials from the beginning - with the slightly error to also accept the registered email adress for a limited timeframe - which connection to the username is not constant and could be changed on the site O). (And if you did this and tried to login on T) with the old email you were refused to login - if you use your new email on T) you lost access to your already provided templates and comments.) If you used formerly your email, some accounts could already be matched to your username from O). Where this is not the case, you will see a form after your next login, where you have to provide your ooo name, that connects to your already used email adress for login on the template site. -> You will recieve an email for your records about the successfull change. -> There will be an email send out for users who need to provide their username which have contributed content. User accounts who provided no content, but used their email to login, will just be removed. The next time they login with their emailadress they get the mesage to use thier username and the account will be freshly generated.

Extension site (E)

On the extension site it is a little more complicated since the site started before a service was established to use your ooo main site login name. Here you will be presented also a form to provide your ooo login name and password for verification. Registrations for new users for the site will be stopped (Only added manualy on special request). If the ooo name is available and not used by another user on the site your account will migrate seeminglessly. If the account name is taken previously by another user, and you do not have the credentials for this the migration is postponed until the state of the other account is verified.

If an old account did not provide any content until now, the account will be deleted and the name used for your account.

cheers Thorsten Bosbach tbo@openoffice.org Co maintainer of OpenOffice.org Extension and Template site See schedule at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Templates/website/usernamemigration


There is curently no strict tinmeline; I start with users who contributed to the sites and will see how the migration rate rises. At some point a final date will be announced until the migration has to happen - if that is reached, accounts that did not migrate will be removed.

Template site

  • Use internal list of email to matching on OOo username:
  • Send email to migrated users with content about successfull changed username
  • Offer form for manual migration of username
  • Send email to users with content which need to migrate
  • Solve username conflicts // migrate special cases with content
  • Send email to all users with deadline for migration + 1 month

Extension site

  • Close new user registration
  • Put migration form into place and change authentication method
  • Send email to users who already provided content: extension, comment, vote
  • Solve username conflicts // migrate special cases with content
  • Send email to all users with deadline for migration + 1 month
  • Open user registration again.
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