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Needed information, and where to put/take it from

  • Compatibility: with which OOo version does it work; 'Runs with OpenOffice.org 3.0 and higher'
  • Application type: 'Writer'
taken from extension of upload file / or from file: uploadfile::mimetype
  • License: 'BSD'
taken from file: uploadfile::meta.xml::user-defined / or manual?
  • Provider: 'Created by Sun Microsystems, Inc.'
taken from logged in user account / or from file: uploadfile::meta.xml::creator
  • Category: 'Business'
manual selection
  • Sub category: 'Business Correspondence'
manual selection
  • Name: unique: 'Business Letter 1'
taken from file: uploadfile::meta.xml::title
  • Short description
taken from file: uploadfile::meta.xml::description
  • Tags
taken from file: uploadfile::meta.xml::keyword
  • Last Updated / Versioning: Date of upload
  • Preview image
generated via webservice of a StarOffice 8 Server - PDF Converter
  • Original submitter: user which is logged in
  • Language: in which language is the template
taken from file: uploadfile::content.xml::style:text-properties fo:language=
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