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Purpose of the Dummy Template

The wiki version of a marketing.openoffice.org webpage is called a Dummy. Only when a dummy has developed enough will the page that it is dummying be updated. I don't think there are any pages on the wiki that serve this function...yet.

The purpose of the "Dummy" template is to allow Wiki users to compare differences between the current Wiki version and the most recently-updated web version using the automatic "compare changes" function in the history page, instead of trying to pick them out by looking at the wiki version and the m.OO.o version.

How to add the Dummy Template

To add the "Dummy" template to a page (preferably at or near the top), enter the following text:


How it works

  • Dummy is the name of the template.
  • fivetildes and threetildes are parameter names. When you put in "~~~~~", it returns the date. When you put in "~~~", it returns the username. When saved, the tildes on the template call tag (that is, the above text) will be replaced by the appropriate information, so it won't change with every change to the page.
  • fullURL is the parameter name for the full URL of the page that the current page is dummying. Replace the "XXXX" with the full URL of that page.
  • The vertical lines (pipes) separate the different elements.

How to update the Dummy Template

To update the box, simply replace the text between "fivetildes=" and the next pipe ("|") with five tildes ~~~~~, and likewise for "threetildes". Do this only when the page that is being referred to on marketing.openoffice.org has been updated! Do not update this when only the wiki page is updated.

How it looks

When I write the following on this page:


I get:

NOTE: This page is a draft version of a page on the OpenOffice.org Marketing website.
To view that page, click here. To see the changes made since that last update,
click on the history tab above, then select the version saved
at 19:54, 23 February 2006 (CET) by RealGrouchy.
Instructions for using and updating this box can be found here.

--RealGrouchy 19:54, 23 February 2006 (CET)

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