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I have the problem to convert legacy documents from several input formats e.g. Word Perfect to HTML or XHTML. Another requirement is, that the conversion should be implemented as service which could be deployed to any middle tier server living as a service a in a container managed by the Spring Framework.
So I started my investigations considering libwpd libwpd which could be used as a shared library without a preinstalled environment. But the output quality of the wpd2html.exe-tool was very poor. The next step was the evaluation of Open Office 2.1 using UNO to connect to it and initiate the conversion with improved results because of better output-filters. The problem of this solution is, that an Open Office installation is needed and I can't assume that there will be an installation on the server where the service will be deployed later. So what I'm currently looking for is an Open Office as a jar but I haven't found something like that until now. What I found instead was the XMerge-Framework which seems to be a good approach to solve the service requirements because it needs no Open Office installation and allows chaining of conversions. For the output to XHTML there is already a Writer2xhtml plugin from Henrik Just available but unfortunately there is no plugin available yet which converts Word Perfect to the internal OO-XML-Format. I have downloaded the sources and builded XMerge but at the moment I don't want to spend to much time on it because I have to evaluate other possible solutions. So if anybody have an idea concerning my problem, suggestions will be appreciated.

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