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Volunteer membership

The Member's request must be supported by two or more Volunteers, who have validated the Members application and are willing to endorse this membership.


The application must be endorsed by a UCV Vote(3). The quorum for the vote is one third of the UCV, and a two-thirds majority must be obtained of votes cast.

For what purpose?

Who are we trying to keep out?

proposed change to Process of becoming a volunteer

User requests membership change to Volunteer:

User request is posted to a board maintained for this purpose.

  • Any UCV member may designate approval.
  • Any UCV member may designate protest.
  1. Upon two approvals, and no protest the membership is granted.
  2. After 2 weeks,if no member has approved and no member has protested, the membership is automatically approved.

If a member makes a protest. Then a vote of the UCV membership would be needed. But only in this single case. 1/3 quorum as proposed.

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