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The other task is to get it work with a JVM - for example with Sun Java 1.5.0 for x86-64, or any other.

I'm usually building with gcj 4.0.x. And almost never have problems (as in: sometimes registration mysteriously fails during install).

And since morejava, Java 1.5 should generally work, shouldn't it?

And (yes, another and), I think Pavel is currently trying to build with Blackdown 1.4.x

-- Martin

Is there a daily build avalable? If yes, please tell me where, if no, maybe we can build such a process. I think the testing community would grow up, if a binary package is available - or known Mr. Parity

64bit libraries

Is it possible to make the program usable with the 64bit versions of the different libraries before the port is complete? no real need for native 64bit support, I just prefer to avoid the need for two sets of libraries. (it makes my system so messy)

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