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Voice your opinion on the Marketing wiki.

Please try to keep the length of your opinion to two lines of text and add your name first!

  • Steven Pauwels I really like the intensity that showed in the list when this was started :). I'll work on presenting my ideas on marketing support and post them.
  • Chad Smith I hope that this Wiki becomes the hub of the Marketing project.
  • Sigrid Kronenberger I think, this wiki a a really good chance, to involve more users to the Marketing Project. I hope that this wiki is constantly used and that a lot of work can be done with all the collaborative work here and the different lists.
  • The Digital Pioneer This wiki is a great idea. I've been wanting a better way to find art projects that I think I could contribute to for a long time (well... sort of).
  • Cristian Driga OK. So, what would push OOo's product recognition and adoption further these days ? Write your craziest ideas here Marketing--Incubator-What would push OOo further. (Small sections of 1-2 paragraphs with username/timestamp.) Who gives the first shot ? :-)
  • Jeff Causey I have added a page for the Strategic Marketing Plan. Feel free to help, though it will probably be good practice for me.
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