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are your plans based on the OpenGL rendered transitions developed for Unix platforms during and after the Summer of Code 2007? Or is it a completely different implementation? I refer to: Impress:_OpenGL_rendered_transitions

Thank you Gerald

The point is to make the transitions, Shane M. Mathews developed under the Google Summer of Code 2007, work on Mac OS X Aqua, the same way they work on Linux already ( I don't know the Windows status/case). Currently, only 2D (non accelerated) transitions are used in the 3.0 version.

Now,in the sources, if you look at slideshow file organization, you have :

slideshow/source/engine/transitions <- does contain what Mathews created, helped by Thorsten Behrens

slideshow/source/engine/OGLTrans <- the objects who manipulate the above transitions.

The use of this engine was only activable on Linux until now. After the changes we did ( helped by Stephan Schaefer), the transitions will be usable on Mac OS X too.

And the door is open for the creation of new transitions. Could be a great student application for the Education Project e.g.  :-)

I hope I answered to your question

Ericb 17:44, 28 August 2008 (CEST)

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