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DiGro 04-09-2013

The answer to: * 4.1 How can I import a spreadsheet table to a database?

is insufficient, OR, a second question should be added here, * 4.2 How can I *append* a spreadsheet table to a database?

It seems that inevitably a copy table / import will go poorly the first time, and multiple times thereafter. So, one creates the table, tries the import, finds something wrong, deletes all records, tweaks the field definitions, and repeats. e.g. Specify a width of 20 and find some cell that has 21 characters.

With 4.1, one has to delete the table and try again. With many fields, this is a frustrating, repeatedly error prone, process. Unless there is a way to import the field definitions. i.e. Make the first copy attempt, export the field definitions, discover a problem with the import, tweak the field definitions and reimport, attempt copy again.

Even if the answer is "You can't append.", at least saying that in this FAQ explicitly, would be very useful.

DiGro (talk) 16:50, 23 July 2022 (UTC) These FAQ's are all copied into the wiki: /DocumentationDocumentation/FAQ/Databases/…

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