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Hi some suggestions for a new feature's in 3.3 page..

Format Paintbrush

  • In text edit mode the format paintbrush uses the text format from the current text selection
  • During format paintbrush you can select text which will be formated with paragraph and character formating only( use strg to avoid paragraph formating and strg+shift to avoid character formating, like in writer and specified in help)
  • You can also simply click inside a text, the word under the cursor will be selected and formated like above, just like in writer
  • You can now also take formats from presentation shapes and format them

Enhanced support for metafile graphics

  • Better support for EMF and WMF graphics formats

Enhanced 3D conversion

  • Better support for converting complex shapes into 3d objects

Performance Improvements

  • When rendering trapezoids
  • 3D scenes with shadow rendering
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