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This page could go in a couple different directions. The way I see it, there are two options. I'm volunteering to do whichever one people are on board with, but I'm a new contributor and wanted to see if others have any input to offer before I make these changes.

Option 1: Link or Redirect to AOO Site

The main problem with this page is it contains redundant, outdated information. To fix this, we could link to the "Get Involved" page on the AOO site or the "Help Wanted" page on the cwiki. This seems to be the best landing page for people looking to contribute.

Option 2: Reorganize and Reduce

If we decide this page should stand on its own, then I think the page should be pared down. There is a lot of extra info, and this page can use a little bit of a makeover to take out any unneeded text. It can also be reorganized to be easier to understand.

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