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please discuss... on mac@porting...

Eric, you are on the macport team and I'm not, so I won't fight the macport team's rules.

This can be easely solved: just ask to join the macport, and I'll welcome you myself ;)

-> go to , create a login, and then try to join the membership. Shaun or I will accept you immediately :)

 But when I read, "PLEASE discuss the points to be added on mac@porting mailing list", 
 it makes me think that I shouldn't post any FAQs unless I'm willing to find out about a mailing list,
post to it, and wait for replies. I'm not interested in joining a project team,

The problem we have : a lot of FAQ is written, most of it is obsolete, and needs a rewritting + there is a reorganization in progress. That's the reason why, it is a better idea to propose on the list before. Not my fact only, you can believe me.

Last, what I have read let me think some information is maybe duplicated (needs to be verified though)

I just want to quickly record the problem and solution I discovered.

Well, go ahead.

Putting up a (strong) request to write to a mailing list first just tells me that I shouldn't make my contribution here,
I should find some other place for it. I suggest it would be better to say what you do and do not want added to this page.

Please, don't get me wrong. Everybody is free to write whatever. But better organize first. Information about Aqua goes in all sense. Nothing else  :-)

I suggest that, in the spirit of wikis, it might be good to err on the side of accepting contributions and cleaning them up later. Thus, I suggest rewording that message. [[User:Jim DeLaHunt|Jim DeLaHunt]] 11:16, 15 March 2008 (CET)

Ok, then it is up to you. Really  :-) And someone will help you if needed.

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