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please discuss... on mac@porting...

Eric, you are on the macport team and I'm not, so I won't fight the macport team's rules. But when I read, "PLEASE discuss the points to be added on mac@porting mailing list", it makes me think that I shouldn't post any FAQs unless I'm willing to find out about a mailing list, post to it, and wait for replies. I'm not interested in joining a project team, I just want to quickly record the problem and solution I discovered. Putting up a (strong) request to write to a mailing list first just tells me that I shouldn't make my contribution here, I should find some other place for it. I suggest it would be better to say what you do and do not want added to this page. I suggest that, in the spirit of wikis, it might be good to err on the side of accepting contributions and cleaning them up later. Thus, I suggest rewording that message. Jim DeLaHunt 11:16, 15 March 2008 (CET)

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