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  1. Link to the announcement and description of the patch.
  2. Start with an image of the final step - copying the DLL from the Zip to the program folder.
  3. Then follow with two things:
    1. A list of links for clarifying when that is not what things look like on the user's particular system
    2. The list of the top level steps for getting to the final point. The idea is that experts already know, but that different degrees of fluency will require consultation of the linked details, not just review of the list.
  4. Mine the following information for something to be made more user friendly and not have so much tacit-knowledge required:

Thanks to Matthew McCue for providing a complete report that helped me see where difficulties were coming up.

    • Find the folder where is installed (either Program Files\Open 3\ or Program Files (x86)\Open 3\) [Note: "Program Files" may have a different wording depending on the language used on your computer.]
    • Inside that folder, there is another folder named "programs". If you examine that folder you will see there is a file named unordfmi.dll there. This is the file that you want to replace. As a precaution, you can rename it to something like unordfmi.dll.bak just to be safe.
    • Copy the file unordfmi.dll from the patch Zip folder into that programs folder, providing a replacement for the unordfmi.dll that was there.
    • Do not copy anything else. Do not remove anything else in 3\programs\.
    • More Details:
      • If you see just unordfmi without .dll, that is the same file. It just means your folder options are arranged to not show you the file extension of some files. You can change that by using the Tools | Folder Options ... menu selection on the folder view in Windows XP.
      • If you are following the instructions in the README.pdf, you will not see a property-dialog button named "Open File Location." On Windows XP, the name on the button is "Find Target...". This will take you to the correct folder, but soffice.exe will be selected. Clear that selection. You do not want to touch soffice.exe. You are going to replace the unordfmi.dll that is farther down in the same folder.
      • One way to remove the selection is to press Ctrl-click. Another way is to move the mouse pointer to an open area at the top of the folder view outside of the file list and click. That should remove the selection on soffice.exe.
      • That or just scroll down to unordfmi.dll beyond soffice.exe and rename it. (Note, it is easy to lose the copy selection on the replacement in the Zip folder. If nothing happens when you try to paste into the target folder, leave the target folder open, go back to the Zip folder, and simply drag unordfmi.dll from the opened Zip folder to the target "program" folder.

Question is this FAQ still relevent

Is this FAQ still relevent and need to be verified and finished, or can it be marked for delete?

Regards User:KNMcKenna KNMcKenna 21:10, 12 December 2012 (UTC)

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