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Wiki Markup considerations
Please note to use double == for the highest level heading on a page, as this will be transformed into a <h2> tag. Using single = will interfere with the page title (which is <h1>-tagged in the page view).
In contrast, in other wikis (e.g. MoinMoin) single = are allowed for top level headings.

The article is linked from the main page of the Base application help

HSQL version

I'm not sure that the assertion here that OOBase includes the full version of HSQLDB is entirely accurate.

Conversations in the forum suggest that the version included in the download is an old version (1.8?), whereas the latest version of HSQLDB is 2.3.

May I suggest that the text be amended by someone who knows the facts?Ptoye (talk) 10:08, 24 September 2013 (UTC)

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