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2009-11-26 My little discussion

The wiki text

After establishing the new project

  • Question: Do you mean "usability" or "usefulness" for the branding design?

Next activities

  • Comment: Just a matter of formulation. From my point of view, people may use all their creative energy to provide artwork. But, a style guide (or whatever) will be required to decide if the artwork is suitable to be used to represent

General thoughts

  • I miss a bit the problem why a new project is required. So, what is wrong with the current approach? I know, but maybe it would be really helpful to collect some topics (e.g. completely different websites, splash screen selection, ...) I'll help with that, of course.
  • Is the current project approach to maximize the current visual design or to develop the "next" style? Personally I think that many people would be happy if the first one is targeted to gain experience and have the opportunity to directly improve things.
  • Is there any information how other OSS projects handle design (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, ...)? I think there are some information on the web and we surely have some some contacts.
  • I would like to add the goal to not only create highly consistent artwork, but to also allow the brainstorming for fresh ideas. That might be the most logical aspect to us, but I think it wouldn't be bad to clearly express that. If this is one of the goals.
  • Is there any freely available information what branding is about. I'm unsure whether many people do have a deep understanding what it is about and why this (together with Visual Design) is such a critical element.
  • Might it be helpful to (in the next time) define success criteria for the steps to be taken?

--ChristophNoack 22:17, 26 November 2009 (UTC)

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