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I just want to add some information to the "Insert Citations Options" :

something regularly required by journals is the handling of multiple author references :

- e.g. one author is (Paul 1999) or (Paul, 1999)

- two author is (Paul and Higgins 1999); sometimes "&" is required insted of "and";

- more authors : (Paul et al. 1999) ; often the "et al." needs to be in italics, so formatting is required for in-text citations

- some journals using the Harvard system are more complicated : References should be given in full on first mention (e.g. Brown, Smith & Williams 1995), but subsequently abbreviated to (Brown et al. 1995).

-> so two different in-text citations formats are necessary for first and subsequent occurrences and also different formats are necessary depending on number of authors

The problem of citing Paul (1999) or (Paul, 1999) is a difficult one as it needs user interaction : when inserting the reference in the text the user should decide between the two formats. Similarly for the "(Paul 1999; also see in Jones 2004) needs user interaction when inserting the reference : a text field is necessary to add text before or after a citation

Just my 2 eurocents on this subject Oliver on the 11/07/07

Something else not mentioned on the page for Writer enhancements is the inflexibility in handling author names in the bibliography Sometimes authornames need to be in full (Higgins, Adam), other times they need to be abbreviated (Higgins, A.)

Also important is handling of abbreviated (J. Ex. Bot) and full journal names (Journal of Experimental Botany) : there should be a database relating full to abbreviated journal names and then the user should be able to select which one to use in the bibliography

Oliver on the 11/07/07


These citation formating issues are handled by the Citation Formating engine. David Wilson 00:35, 13 July 2007 (CEST)

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