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As the OpenSolaris TCM is a improved version of that used at, it is the best way to use it's functionality to fullfill many of our needs. During discussion on the l10n mailing list it was suggested to migrate data (user accounts, test cases) from OOo to OS.

This page should be used to collect and coordinate the activities for migration.

To be sorted out before migration

  • Can it finally be made clear whether the testcases are proprietary or not and, specifically, how they are licensed?


  • Will all testers need to sign the JCA in order to contribute to QA?

A: No - JCA is recommended (so, that the contributor's work is honored) but not mandatory

suggested activities for migration

first goal should be to use TCM for release testing (common tool and common test plans)

Task Who Status est. Date to complete
g11n testing engineers will verify and update whenever needed all 155 test cases contained in the OOo TCM - - -
a list with all test cases which have been modified will be published so that all native lang communities who have translated the test cases can update their translation as well. - - -
migrate from OOo TCM to OS TCM. The migration would include login, etc, so that the community members will log into the new tool as they are used. - - -
the new TCM will be populated with the updated OOo test cases. All people with administrative access (all NL Leads) will be able to update test cases in case needed - - -

post migration activities

this tasks need to be done after migration to improve working with TCM and the testing process in general.

Task Who Status Date to complete
identify release critical test cases an build scenarios for release testing - - -
add new platforms / languages on request (every team within OOo willing to do tests should have easy access to TCM) - - -
start adding new test cases (there is a number of test plans available within Sun QA team, focused on new features. This should be collected in TCM so that they could be used to define new scenarios) - - -
establish a process to maintain test cases (e.g. how would native lang teams be notified about changes in test case descriptions. How should RFE's for test cases be filed ...) - - -

further informations

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