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This documentation is a DRAFT which purpose is to
help alpha and beta testers understanding
the current implementation of the TCM@QUASTE project.
Current release: Alpha.


To understand the integration of TCM to the TCS Tool @ QUASTe please get first familiar with the TCS Tool by reading this tutorial.

Create and Edit a localized Test Case Specification

Case: We decide to localize and adapt an existing TCS (English (USA)) into German.

Choose the TCS to be localised

  • On QUASTe, choose "View test case specifications".

1 TCM Alpha Overview.jpg
Fig 1: The TCS Query

  • Query for the TCS you want to localize (Fig. 1).
  • Click on it's Name (1) to get the preview (Fig. 2) of the whole TCS
    or edit the TCS directly (2).

2 TCM Alpha Preview.jpg
Fig 2: The TCS Preview

3 TCM Alpha PopertLang.jpg
Fig 3: The TCS Properties

  • Notice in the TCS Properties (Fig. 3) that the default language is English (USA) (3)

4 TCM Alpha TC Overview.jpg
Fig 4: The TCs Overview

  • Click on the [Test Cases] tab page to get an overview of the existing TCs (Fig. 4).

5 TCM Alpha TC Edit EN.jpg
Fig 5: A Test Case in Edit mode

  • On Fig. 5 we have a look at the content of a test case in English.
  • Now, back to the [Properties] tab page...

Clone the original TCS

6 TCM Alpha PopertCreateLocalTC.jpg
Fig 6: Here to clone the original test case'

  • At the bottom of the [Properties] tab page click on the [Create locali[z]ed TCS] (Fig. 6).

File:7 TCM Alpha PopertCreateLocalTC.jpg
Fig 7: The language list'

  • The language list (Fig 7) shows the languages in which the current TCS has not be localized yet.
  • Choose your language and click [Create localized TCS]

8 TCM Alpha PopertDeLang.jpg
Fig 8: A cloned TCS'

  • The TCS is cloned and shows now the current localization language (6)


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