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==Build guide==
==Build guide==
Will be available soon
Please follow [http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/How_to_build_Symphony%27s_source_code this guide] to build Symphony's source code.
==The binary build==
==The binary build==

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IBM announced plan to contribute Symphony code to Apache Software Foundation on July 15, 2011. The code will be available soon.

This page is special for the code contribution effort.

Introduction of the code base

Symphony is quite like OpenOffice with an Java Wrapper. The code contribution doesn't include the Java wrapper which is based on Eclipse. So if you try with the binary build provided below, you will see the property sidebar, but not the MDI view in Symphony.

Where to get the source code

the code will be checked into: (Not ready yet)


Build guide

Please follow this guide to build Symphony's source code.

The binary build

You can build this out yourself by following the build guide. You can also get it from link below.

Please notice that if you have Apache OpenOffice.org 3.4 installed already, you need uninstall it first.

Optionally, you can install development version, paralell to Apache OpenOffice 3.4

Feature Description


Q: What is the difference between this build and Symphony?

A: Since the java part of Symphony is not contributed. Feature, like MDI, Home page and Embedded browser in Symphony won't be available in this build. And menu, toolbar, statusbar also have different look&feel from that in Symphony.

The Mail Merge panel in Symhony is implented in Java. It is also updated with related part in OO.o3.x.

Symphony help is based on Eclipse help mechanism. In the build, help content of OO.o 3.3 is used. But Symphony help content is avilable in source code package.

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