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Idéer mest från Solveig Haugland


snygg bild


Envelopes and labels, one-off

Envelopes and labels, mail merged. I emphasize that sometimes it's best to just save the one envelope and change it as needed rather than creating new ones. I have blogs on envelopes.

Turn off all automatic formatting, and word completion.

Indenting subitems in lists is tricky so I emphasize that the normal Indent icon is NOT to be used, use Tab or the indent icon on the lists toolbar instead.

Impress -- skapa presentationer

Printing handouts is a perennial favorite. Impress is so much easier now that the 2.0 is out.


Also, how to link between spreadsheets, so basically just copy and edit > paste special > Link, or depending on the feature, just copy and paste is good.

Format > Page > Page tab and Sheet tab, in spreadsheets, are of course great for printing problems.

multi-layer charts


How to Create a Data Source



Skicka en PDF

Ska du skicka ett dokument? Så kan du skicka det i PDF-format

PDF files are portable read-only documents.

Perennial issues w/working with MS Office people, I ram home that PDF is often the best solution if docs don't need to be editable. Sending the doc as a PDF attachment is very cool.

Egna Malldokument

A lot of people, surprsingly, don't know the keyboard shortcuts for undo, copy, paste, or cut.

LOTS of people use Page Preview. Would list that.


snabb installguide

  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux w/RPM
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