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"...open standards will ensure the widest range of choice for consumers and engender the broadest range of opportunities for applications and content development"

Ur The Future is Mobile High Technology Finland. (2002).

"... Open standards and platforms create a foundation for success. They enable interoperability of technologies and encourage innovativeness and healthy competition, which in turn increases consumer choice and opens entirely new markets," Jorma Ollila, Chairman of Nokia's Board of Directors.

Ur NOKIA: Nokia Foundation Award to Mårten Mickos. Kauppalehti. (2006)

"Enterprise and Information Society Commissioner Erkki Liikanen said: “Open standards are important to help create interoperable and affordable solutions for everybody. They also promote competition by setting up a technical playing field that is level to all market players. This means lower costs for enterprises and, ultimately, the consumer."

Ur World Standards Day, Global standards for the Global Information Society. IP/03/1374 (2003)

"...In a report to the French prime minister Dominique de Villepin, National Assembly deputy Bernard Carayon said that the adoption of standards to guarantee interoperability was essential to promote European business and competition ..."

Ur Open standards 'essential to Europe's IT future' Tom Espiner. ZDNet UK. (2006)

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