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Similar to in earlier years, OpenOffice is participating in the Google Summer of Code(tm) initiative sponsored by Google. This time we are participating as part of the Apache Software Foundation.

This page collects ideas for students, as suggested by possible mentor-programmers within the Apache OpenOffice project. Students wishing to discuss these ideas further can contact the mentor directly, or post questions to our public mailing list: Since engagement with the open source community will be part of a student's evaluation, we encourage students to introduce themselves and get involved on the mailing list early.

Idea Title

This is a description of idea 1, outlining the functionality that would be developed. Since the student does not already know OpenOffice internals, keep the description high-level.

Use multiple paragraphs, links, etc., as needed.

Required skills/knowledge
Describe what skills a good candidate would have.
name and email address of mentor
It is possible to have more than one
More Information
Links to additional information
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