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I hope that folks don't mind me taking the space, but I really prefer to look at table schemas visualy. I would be really nice is the Base relationship window allowed for seperate 'Views' of the schema. Where each view would display items, not necessarily all items. As it is now, the 'view' ( right term? ) is so tied to the actual tables - dropping a table to aid in readability makes one drop all the associated relationships also. Anyway, it is a nit picky thing actually.

Here are a few of the table structures that OO.o supplies using the table wizard.

OOoBase Invoices Schema 1.png

Another look at this without the deliveries table being included.

OOoBase Invoices Schema 2.png

Now a look at the tables for the Order records.

OOoBase Orders Schema 1.png

Here is the tables for Tasks and Employees.

OOoBase Employees Schema 1.png

Here is the structure for tracking event reservations.

OOoBase EventReservations Schema 1.png

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