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The Base module ships with 37 table templates. 15 under the category Personal and 22 as Business.

The 15 Personal table definitions are: Accounts Addresses Authors Categories CD-Collection DietLog DVD-Collection ExerciseLog HouseholdInventory Investments Library MiniatureFilms Photographs Plants Recipes

The 22 Business table definitions are: Assets Categories Contacts Customers Deliveries Employees EmployeeTasks Events Expenses InvoiceDetails Invoices MailingList OrderDetails Orders Payments Products Projects Reservations Suppliers Tasks TimeBilled Transactions

Using the table wizard full database schemas can be assembled rapidly.

Here are a few such schema.

OOoBase Invoices Schema 1.png

Another look at this without the deliveries table being included.

OOoBase Invoices Schema 2.png

Now a look at the tables for the Order records.

OOoBase Orders Schema 1.png

Here is the payments table inlcuded with orders.

OOoBase Payments Schema 1.png

Here is the tables for Tasks and Employees.

OOoBase Employees Schema 1.png

Here is the structure for tracking event reservations.

OOoBase EventReservations Schema 1.png

Base Guide/Planning

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