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== Заједница / Community ==
== Заједница / Community ==
[http://www.facebook.com/sropenoffice|Страница „OpenOffice.org у Србији“] на друштвеној мрежи Фејсбук и [http://twitter.com/sropenoffice|налог @sropenoffice] на микроблогинг сервису Твитер.
[http://www.facebook.com/sropenoffice Страница „OpenOffice.org у Србији“] на друштвеној мрежи Фејсбук и [http://twitter.com/sropenoffice налог @sropenoffice] на микроблогинг сервису Твитер.

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Serbian OpenOffice.org native-lang project

Пројекат локализације пакета OpenOffice.org на српски језик

Contact info: http://sr.openoffice.org/lat/kontakt.html Website: http://sr.openoffice.org

Project History

The project is unofficially founded on 15 September 2002 when the idea was born between Bogdan Kecman, Dušan Đorđević and Slobodan Marković to organize an OpenOffice.org 1.0.1 localization marathon event.

Official proposal for Serbian native language project was made on 14 Oct 2003 by Branko Tanović: http://markmail.org/message/cphm56er743z4psn

In Summer 2005 Serbian Novell partner decided to improve OpenOffice.org localization and provide localized OpenOffice.org 2.0 release, reusing previous efforts on 1.x localizations. The project was completed successfully, lead by Danilo Šegan .

In January 2008 Serbian Government decided to support community localization effort of OpenOffice.org through a three years long project funded by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society of Republic of Serbia awarded to Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, lead by professor Duško Vitas. Serbian OpenOffice.org community, lead by Goran Rakić, continued to work with the Faculty of Mathematics to provide excelent support for Serbian language inside OpenOffice.org releases 2.4 onwards.

Note on sh language code usage inside OpenOffice.org

Language code sr is used to represent Serbian (Cyrillic) locale and language code sh is used to represent Serbian (Latin) locale. See more info on sh usage inside OpenOffice.org.

Once locale modifiers can be used in all aspects of OpenOffice.org internally along language codes we could migrate "sh" code to "sr@latin". While patch from issue #113496 does allow Serbian (Latin) locale and default document language code selection using locale modifier on Unix systems, it provides only a mapping to "sh" language code.

Заједница / Community

Страница „OpenOffice.org у Србији“ на друштвеној мрежи Фејсбук и налог @sropenoffice на микроблогинг сервису Твитер.

Спољашње везе / External Links

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