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Sun Report Builder

You can find the Sun Report Builder here.

Conditional Print Expression

A conditional print expression allows the user to narrow the output which should be visible when executing the report. If the condition evaluates to true than the element (section or element) will be printed in the report. The syntax is the same as for functions.


A function can be created when opening the report navigator. In the context menu on the functions entry you can create one function.

This function can either be in the global context of the report itself or in any group.

For example:

- compute the sum of a field

  1. In the name field enter the name of the functions. E.g. PopulationCount
  2. Enter the function. E.g. [PopulationCount] + [Population] Where Population is a column of the table.
  3. Enter the inital value. E.g. [Population]
  4. Insert a new formatted field and select the [PopulationCount] on the data tab.

Computed fields

Computed fields can be created in that way that the formula is entered directly into the data field.

E.g. 100*[Population]/[PopulationCount] to get the percentage of the current population


  • quote for [ is \
  • \\
  • [] as reference for formula or field name
  • "" to quote strings
  • . as decimal separator
  • date as in java specific
  • parameter separator is ; (semicolon) and it is allowed to let some parameters empty inside a call like XYZ(;kk;;kkb)

Supported Functions

Generally all functions which are defined in the OpenFormula should be supported. But this is currently still ongoing work and may change after each release of the Sun Report Builder.

The Sun Report Builder Verson 1.0.x includes functions in the following categories:

Date, Datetime, Day, Hour, Month, Now, Year, Today, Weekday, Time,


Choose, HasChanged, Information, IsBlank, IsErr, IsError, IsEven, IsLogical, IsNA, IsNonText, IsNumber, IsOdd, IsRef, IsText, Na

And, False, If, Not, Or, True, Xor

Abs, Average, Even, Odd, Sum


Exact, Find, Left, Len, Lower, Mid, Replace, Rept, Right, Substitute, Text, T, Trim, Upper, URL

Mapped, Null

A detailed explanation will be found here.

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