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General Info

A new official name exists: SUN Report Builder. See issue 78437
For more technical info, please read: Sun Report Builder and Planned Feature

Download the SUN Report Builder Extension. The latest release is 1.0.6.

Release Info

   * 1.0.6: report design loses its modification state when report is executed (93014)
   * 1.0.6: chart in generated report displays wrong values (93735)
   * 1.0.6: time values in generated reports are always displayed as if they were forenoon (93443)
   * 1.0.6: Running a report is not possible (error) (95414)
   * 1.0.5: Report Builder cannot be installed (93559)
   * 1.0.4: The creation of reports with grouping is working again.


1.1 is expected to be released May 7th, 2009.

News about the report designer can be found on GullFOSS.

The CWS page inside EIS can be found here.

The Spec can be found here.

Install Steps

  • download the OOo 2.3 install set for your platform (at the moment only windows and linux is available)
  • [optional] adjust the UserInstallation path in the program/bootstraprc or program/bootstrap.ini file
  • start the office and open the extension manager (TOOLS/EXTENSION MANAGER)
  • add the report designer extension
  • open any database
  • use 'Create Report in DesignView ..' from the Report panel

=> the SUN Report Designer should appear

Taskhandling inside this CWS

Attention: the CWS is already integrated and some info get redundant

Before writing a new Issue, please check if it not already exists: RPT Double Check

New Issue should contain:

  • summary should start with 'RPT: '
  • set keyword 'new_implementation'
  • default prio (prio 3)
  • default owner: OJ
  • no target (this is the default for new issues, so don't care for the moment)
  • "Version" should be the version you're testing f.e. "RPT 1.0.0"

one-click submission

If a task inside this cws has the target "2.3" it's a showstopper. Without a fix for this issue we can't release a final version. All issue with this target should fixed until 5.July 2007. (Feature Freeze)

A target "2.x" means that this issue should be fixed for the final release. However we can live with the issue for a first final release. This issue should then be fixed inthe first update.

Target "not determined" meas that this is an issue which should be fixed in the near future.

If an issue has no target "---" then the report designer i-Team has not yet decide what to do with this issue.

Further Info list for testable features: Feature Freeze Testing 2.3


Marc Neumann Christoph Lukasiak (Clu) 1 June 2007
Please do not change the logical content of this site without acknowledge of the author, the Database Docu Coordinator or the OOo QA Project Lead/Co-Leads.

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