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Meeting Details

  • 2010-05-10, 4:03 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Christoph Noack (IRC: christoph_n)
  • Dave Richard (IRC: dave_largo)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_Sun)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


(4:02:29 PM) frankl: Hi Andreas!
(4:02:32 PM) clu_sun [~cl114686@nat/sun/x-wkpwqypnokspbzbe] entered the room.
(4:02:40 PM) andreas__: hi frank!
(4:02:42 PM) frankl: Hi Christoph!
(4:02:47 PM) clu_sun: moin
(4:02:58 PM) christoph_n [] entered the room.
(4:03:16 PM) andreas__: hi clu :-)
(4:03:16 PM) andreas__: monsieur noack is also present :-)
(4:03:49 PM) andreas__: there were time I thought you'd never make it out of the us
(4:03:50 PM) frankl: Hi Christoph²
(4:03:59 PM) christoph_n: mais oui :-)
(4:04:13 PM) christoph_n: Hi Frank, all!
(4:05:19 PM) andreas__: so, what's new for today
(4:07:02 PM) christoph_n: (seems limited)
(4:07:17 PM) frankl: We had our monthly status presentation for Project Renaissance last Thursday.
(4:08:29 PM) frankl: Presentation was a live demo of what has been implemented so far, so Andreas is working on videos to show this to the community as well.
(4:08:51 PM) andreas__: I will try to present a few video this week
(4:08:54 PM) andreas__: and the slides too
(4:09:17 PM) andreas__: I guess it will happed Wednesday
(4:09:18 PM) clu_sun: with a lot of action i would suppose
(4:09:24 PM) andreas__: sure!
(4:09:43 PM) christoph_n: (remember the nice Batman films - bang peng bong)
(4:10:06 PM) andreas__: jap
(4:10:11 PM) clu_sun: i saw 'shoot em up' yesterday ;)
(4:10:19 PM) andreas__: Icon Wars!
(4:11:33 PM) frankl: Liz asked me to point to the question she raised on the mailing list, if we want to terminate the UI mailing list. Most post are cross posts to discuss and UI lists today. 
(4:12:01 PM) andreas__: I'd agree to close the list
(4:12:05 PM) christoph_n: Mmh, I just read the thread. It seems most of the issues come from the naming...
(4:12:08 PM) andreas__: it got redundant
(4:12:41 PM) christoph_n: ... question to you: do we need a dedicated "Renaissance" list? If yes, then let's rename it. If not, then /dev/null ;-)
(4:13:57 PM) andreas__: I'd say we don't need one
(4:14:27 PM) frankl: Since the Renaissance project has become more a constant thing to work on, I would propose to drop the UI list too.
(4:14:39 PM) christoph_n: Good, then please let's wait for (two or three) more days until the community can provide more feedback.
(4:14:53 PM) frankl: OK
(4:15:05 PM) christoph_n: If there is no real reason to keep it, then we'll have to clarify what to do with the archives. Drop it and publish the information (blog...)
(4:15:11 PM) christoph_n: Also okay?
(4:15:41 PM) frankl: I think we should keep the archive and post the link.
(4:15:45 PM) frankl: to it.
(4:17:09 PM) christoph_n: (Other topic?)
(4:17:16 PM) clu_sun: our new chinese programmer is working on the findbar again
(4:18:01 PM) frankl: clu_sun: what are the plans/schedule with 'Better defaults'?
(4:18:55 PM) andreas__: I dont have any more updates
(4:19:14 PM) christoph_n: I have a small one...
(4:19:26 PM) clu_sun: first we need the community feedback for grid handling work
(4:19:42 PM) clu_sun: i actually work on this ..
(4:19:53 PM) frankl: OK
(4:20:03 PM) christoph_n: clu_sun: At least I tried to comment on the wiki page. By the way, thanks for doing that!
(4:20:23 PM) clu_sun: .. then we have to rework the collected data for impress defaults
(4:20:47 PM) clu_sun: .. get feedback from the community for that stuff
(4:20:57 PM) clu_sun: .. and then implement it :)
(4:21:23 PM) christoph_n: That sounds like a plan :-)
(4:23:27 PM) andreas__: anything else for today?
(4:23:29 PM) christoph_n: I would like to add the topic: StartCenter (just came to my mind).
(4:24:02 PM) frankl: OK
(4:24:28 PM) christoph_n: As Liz already said (and all of you may have noticed), the StartCenter plus many other related items are currently discussed on the branding mailing list (marketing project).
(4:24:47 PM) christoph_n: Some people already provided some proposals how a future StartCenter could look like.
(4:25:03 PM) clu_sun: one of the is frank ;)
(4:25:24 PM) christoph_n: As I said, this is a mixture of many topics: Usability, Branding, Art ... and many of them can be routed towards "What does the project want to achieve?".
(4:25:40 PM) andreas__: ok guys, I need to get home right now. my daughter got sick and needs to get to the doctor!
(4:25:57 PM) christoph_n: I see a huge demand (if they want or not *g*) for usability support and the goals thing. (andreas: Go!)
(4:25:59 PM) andreas__: talk to you next week then
(4:26:19 PM) andreas__: last word: I AGREE with C_N
(4:26:28 PM) frankl: I think just to look on the SC is insufficient.
(4:26:35 PM) christoph_n: So - to the community - please help out there, too.
(4:27:15 PM) frankl: So I proposed to have a look on the complete start up of OOo.
(4:27:19 PM) christoph_n: frankl: I am currently working on a concept for: StartCenter, Splash-Screen, About-Box and other items to make this a bit more consistent and pleasing. But more from a workflow point-of-view but graphics design.
(4:27:57 PM) christoph_n: Unfortunately, I showed the concept to two people - both had many question marks above their head. So before publishig it, it requires a bit more documentation and such things.
(4:28:43 PM) frankl: I am currently working on a wiki page to document the start up as is today. Then I want to gather all requirements from that and what comes up (like templates).
(4:28:47 PM) christoph_n: Again more generally, I think we need some more usability support on this list - especially when criticial decisions might take place. Some of us (Ivan, Miroslav) are already my heros :-)
(4:29:14 PM) christoph_n: frankl: Great! Fits perfectly! I'll send you my thoughts after this meeting, okay? Maybe this is already helpful.
(4:30:36 PM) andreas__ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 248 seconds).
(4:31:56 PM) frankl:  OK. Rosana asked me for data from User Feedback Program, because she wants to steel decisions on basis of real data and not gut feeling.   
(4:33:11 PM) christoph_n: Oh, that is good. If the data is available, it would be great if it could be shared. By the way, I don't expect too much new insights, since the interaction in the StartCenter is quite limited at the moment. Maybe it would even help to re-think templates usage. But here, it is about the first step, isn't it?
(4:33:32 PM) frankl: I think I will have my Wiki page ready until Wednesday. Thursday is a public holiday and Friday most people here in Hamburg are on vacation :-)
(4:34:05 PM) frankl: Tracking data is limited too :-(
(4:34:07 PM) christoph_n: Good old Germany :-)
(4:34:33 PM) christoph_n: Okay, just to get it right - you are on the branding ML, aren't you?
(4:34:49 PM) frankl: in SC. We only track the application buttons.
(4:35:53 PM) frankl: Not on the branding mailing list. I use a news group inside Sun.
(4:36:46 PM) christoph_n: Okay, so we might ping you if we thing it is very important? Or are Christoph (clu_sun) and Andreas there?
(4:37:06 PM) clu_sun: i am not there
(4:37:41 PM) christoph_n: Okay, then we'll bring important topics to the UX ML.
(4:38:23 PM) christoph_n: Last topic (for me): LinuxTag. May I?
(4:40:06 PM) frankl: OK
(4:41:10 PM) christoph_n: Frank, could you please ask Andreas for some help with the presentation? It gets more urgent at the moment to gather some "material" which can be presented there. I sent a message to you all and it would be great to get some support. Otherwise I might just talk about ... cooking.
(4:41:12 PM) christoph_n: :-)
(4:42:29 PM) christoph_n: Maybe it even helps to get some of the unfiltered material for the monthly status presentation.
(4:42:40 PM) christoph_n: So, could you please have a look at the mail?
(4:45:23 PM) frankl: just a second
(4:47:15 PM) christoph_n: Oh, you may just do this later ... no reason to hold the other people in the line :-)
(4:50:00 PM) frankl: I am back.
(4:50:33 PM) christoph_n: You should say: "I'll be back"
(4:51:34 PM) frankl: Like Arnold (-)
(4:51:48 PM) frankl: Do we have a call today?
(4:51:49 PM) christoph_n: Exactly.
(4:52:27 PM) frankl: or better will we have ...
(4:52:38 PM) christoph_n: A short one if you like - I propose just with you, since I have only scattered topics and we want to look at a new flat in the early evening. So (fortunately for you) my time is more limited than usual :-)
(4:53:18 PM) frankl: No problem. Andreas is already gone home.
(4:53:27 PM) christoph_n: So if we want to move on ... any other topics by anyone?
(4:53:44 PM) frankl: Nothing from my side.
(4:53:46 PM) christoph_n: (I hope his daughter will be well soon.)
(4:54:10 PM) frankl: (me too)
(4:54:29 PM) christoph_n: Neither from my side. Clu_sun?, dave_largo?
(4:54:38 PM) clu_sun: no
(4:55:13 PM) christoph_n: frankl, you turn, dear moderator :-)
(4:55:26 PM) frankl: Bye see you next week!
(4:55:29 PM) clu_sun left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
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