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Meeting Details

  • 2009-10-12, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Christoph Noack (IRC: christoph_n)</s>
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_sun)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Elizabteh Matthis (IRC: lizm)
  • dave_largo
  • phaoUNTOtom


  • User Feedback Program Data
  • Conference: UX/Renaissance workshop(s)
  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


[16:01]	<FrankL>	Hi!
[16:02]	<FrankL>	Agenda: User Feedback Program, Round Table
[16:02]	<lizm>	hello!
[16:03]	<lizm>	I don't see CLU or Christoph here yet.
[16:03]	<FrankL>	Hi Liz!
[16:03]	-->|	linuxtogo ( has joined
[16:03]	-->|	christoph_n ( has joined
[16:04]	<FrankL>	He is currently not here. Will be back in 15 minutes.
[16:04]	<FrankL>	Hi Christoph!
[16:04]	<christoph_n>	Hi Frank!
[16:04]	<christoph_n>	Since I'm a bit late - do we wait for anyone (else)?
[16:05]	<lizm>	Nice to see you, christoph_n!
[16:05]	<FrankL>	Seems to be a bigger audience today :-)
[16:05]	<christoph_n>	Hi Liz :-)
[16:05]	<christoph_n>	Bigger in terms of ... ;-)
[16:05]	<FrankL>	Larger...
[16:05]	<lizm>	I think we can get started.
[16:06]	<FrankL>	OK
[16:06]	<FrankL>	I have blogged about the visualisation of the user feedback data:
[16:07]	<lizm>	That was so cool. Thanks for that, Frank.
[16:07]	<christoph_n>	Yep. Even Linux-Magazine Online reported about that.
[16:07]	<FrankL>	Yep:
[16:07]	<christoph_n>	Thanks!
[16:08]	<FrankL>	I will prepare some more illustration for some floating toolbars. (i.e. shapes, callouts)
[16:08]	<christoph_n>	They asked whether there will be any other visualizations in the next time. Do you prepare additional ones for Renaissance?
[16:08]	<christoph_n>	(Oh, already answered.)
[16:08]	<FrankL>	:-)
[16:09]	<christoph_n>	Small question: Is there any agenda for today. I seem to miss it...
[16:09]	<FrankL>	I have already some more than I have published, but will try to get some more.
[16:09]	<FrankL>	I have proposed: Agenda: User Feedback Program, Round Table
[16:10]	<christoph_n>	Okay.
[16:10]	<lizm>	I saw that on the wiki page under "Minutes", maybe that heading should be renamed "AGENDA"
[16:11]	<lizm>	Sorry for yelling. Cps lock :-(
[16:11]	-->|	phaoUNTOtom (n=phaoUNTO@ has joined
[16:11]	<lizm>	Frank, do you want to post the minutes today, or would you rather have me do it?
[16:11]	|<--	linuxtogo has left (Remote closed the connection)
[16:12]	<christoph_n>	Back to the usage data: Do you think that it will be possible to make some decisions for improvements in 3.3?
[16:12]	<christoph_n>	(...soon)
[16:12]	<FrankL>	Maybe it is a good idea if you could do it today.
[16:13]	<FrankL>	Yes.
[16:13]	<lizm>	OK, Frank. I know you have plenty to do.I'll take care of the minutes/protocol today.
[16:14]	<christoph_n>	--> FL: So we have an issue collection and the usage data. Is there anything else which may be the basis for the analysis?
[16:14]	<FrankL>	I am working on a planning document for Impress 3.3. First version of this document is ready, but I have to check it with Andreas tomorrow.
[16:14]	<lizm>	Yaes, Andreas will be back from leave tomorrow.
[16:15]	<FrankL>	The focus is to improve most common interactions in Impress.
[16:15]	<christoph_n>	Can we decide on some more AIs for him? ;-)
[16:15]	<christoph_n>	Exit ;-)
[16:15]	<lizm>	"Yaes" that was the cowgirl inside of me...should have been "yes". Oh good AIs for Andreas and Christoph ;-)
[16:17]	<FrankL>	The document is being checked with Impress team too. Does not make sense, if we planning this that could not be realized until 3.3.
[16:17]	<FrankL>	this->things
[16:18]	<christoph_n>	Does the document rather list the problems, or does it alread contain some design proposals to check the effort?
[16:18]	<FrankL>	It contains problem descriptions and proposals.
[16:19]	<christoph_n>	Okay.
[16:20]	<FrankL>	I hope that we could publish the document before start of OOCon.
[16:20]	<lizm>	Speaking of OOoCon I would like to add that to the agenda for today
[16:20]	<lizm>	Maybe we can give a status of the workshop planning?
[16:21]	<FrankL>	Sure.
[16:21]	<christoph_n>	Are we finished with Usage Data?
[16:21]	<FrankL>	Yes we are.
[16:21]	<christoph_n>	Yes.
[16:21]	<lizm>	OK, I have not yet heard back about puttiing workshops 2 and 3 together
[16:21]	<lizm>	But I hope to hear sth tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
[16:22]	<lizm>	So far, just for the record, OOo UX has three workshops at the OOoCon, plus there are other UX workshops by IBM, etc. It should be very interesting.
[16:22]	<christoph_n>	Then we will consider to keep them separated?
[16:22]	<christoph_n>	(ours, not the ones by IBM)
[16:23]	-->|	linuxtogo ( has joined
[16:23]	<lizm>	I think it is fair at the point to assume that they may have to take part separately
[16:23]	<christoph_n>	Concerning IBM, did you mean: ?
[16:25]	<FrankL>	Maybe we can time the user feedback part to the second half of the workshop.
[16:26]	<christoph_n>	Mmh, I don't understand. Currently User Feedback data already is a separate workshop...
[16:26]	<lizm>	Yes. I also read in the comments to one of the last blogs that Tommy said there will also be a presentation from a "Renaissance opposer", but I don't know if that is really true. Not had time to check yet.
[16:27]	<FrankL>	I will prepare some slides showing how to get the information out of the user feedback data.
[16:28]	<christoph_n>	I saw Tommy's comment, too. I'm looking forward...
[16:28]	<FrankL>	OK
[16:29]	<christoph_n>	Liz, does it make sense to decide now whether the workhops are separated. There is still the need for the wiki page to "attract" developers to join our UX live workshop... Or does it make sense to wait another day?
[16:30]	<lizm>	Please wait till tomorrow. I still hope we will hear that we are allowed to create the larger block instead of sticking to the separate ones.
[16:31]	<christoph_n>	Okay. There should be only few changes to the text, since the original is already available in the OOoCon schedule. (Thanks for looking at it, Liz!)
[16:32]	<FrankL>	Liz: Did you contact John McCreesh?
[16:33]	<lizm>	yes
[16:33]	<lizm>	he is who I contacted today because I heard nothing from Davide
[16:34]	<FrankL>	OK. He told Andreas that we could do what ever we want to with the three slots we got.
[16:36]	<lizm>	But the confusion of having people leave and enter at the track breaks (to go to other sessions) would be a serious disturbance. That is why the change in schedule must be noted in the conference program. So, If we do not hear by tomorrow that we can put the workshops together, then we have to assume that we have to stick to the original schedule.
[16:36]	<FrankL>	OK that is a valid point.
[16:36]	<christoph_n>	Okay.
[16:37]	<lizm>	Plus it would be very awkward and a shame if people try to come to your user data workshop and then discover that that part was done in the beginning of the previous session.
[16:37]	<christoph_n>	(We might check whether they might notice a "replay"..)
[16:39]	<lizm>	I'm not sure if you mean asking Frank to repeat what he said originally, but I think the time is too short for that and it would be unfair to the people who took part in the whole block
[16:39]	<lizm>	Listen to me talk as if I were going to be there at the Conference. ,-) Actually you can both decide how you want to handle it. I am just a consultant. ;-)
[16:40]	<christoph_n>	Was meant to be a joke.
[16:40]	<lizm>	OK, Jokes are good. :-)
[16:41]	<FrankL>	Round table?
[16:41]	<christoph_n>	Okay.
[16:41]	<lizm>	I admit I am prejudiced in favor of sticking with the published conference program as best as possible, because of experiences I had in the past helping at conferences and other fairs.
[16:42]	<FrankL>	lizm: Let us wait until tomorrow. Maybe we get an answer until then.
[16:44]	<lizm>	OK. Just a background note: There was almost a fist fight due to a change in program schedule. An attendee had flown in to hear one particular talk and he missed it because the talk had been given an hour earlier than planned. I was working as an interpreter and had to translate the German mans screaming to the British conference organizer and back and forth. Quite memorable :-)
[16:45]	<FrankL>	Today we have video ;-)
[16:45]	<phaoUNTOtom>	Lizm: with experience comes wisdom of decisions. :-)
[16:45]	<christoph_n>	Thus, no translators :-)
[16:45]	<lizm>	For the record: That was not an OOoCon, just a job I had before coming to Sun. I think the OOoCon attendees will be much more peaceful and lulled by Italian wine anyway. ;-)
[16:45]	<lizm>	:-)
[16:45]	<christoph_n>	And food. They won't move.
[16:45]	<FrankL>	Roundtable: I have already posted that I am working on a planning document for OOo earlier in this meeting. That's all from my side.
[16:47]	<christoph_n>	Since this is a Renaissance dedicated IRC chat ... there is nothing to tell at the moment.
[16:48]	<lizm>	I will let you Frank and Christoph, as well as Jaron, know what John responds regarding workshops. Other than that I have nothing.
[16:48]	<FrankL>	OK. Bye and thanks to Liz for taking the minutes today!
[16:49]	<lizm>	It was lovely as usual, Frank and phaoUNTOtom. Thanks for the chat. I want to say a special thanks to Christoph for joining us. Hope to see you again next week!
[16:49]	<phaoUNTOtom>	Bye all.
[16:49]	<lizm>	Bye!
[16:49]	<christoph_n>	Thank you Liz :-) BYe!
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