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Meeting Details

  • 2009-06-22, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_)
  • Martin Damboldt (IRC: mdamboldt)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Elizabeth Matthis (IRC: lizm)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)


Agenda Items

  • Review of old action items
  • Round Table

Action Items

Phase item / Description Owner Status Results Outcome Complete Due Date
Localized deinstallation survey [1] Issue:[2] Rosana In Progress 3.2 release 75% OOo 3.2 release
Competitive Analysis Miroslav In progress
Publish feedback from proposal contributors as blog CN In Progress 10%
Prepare Scrum Project for Prototyping AB Done 100% June 12, 2009
Prepare Project Renaissance Status Report for June (See also status presentation section) FL/AB New June 26, 2009
Prepare blog on Prototyping AB/FL New
Prepare Wiki page for prototyping phase FL Done 100%
Publish updated set of user feedback data FL Done 100%

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

- N/A


== IRC Log ==

== IRC Log ==
<Andreas_Sun> hi
* lizm (n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-ae6b5c1ea9bebcc7) hat betreten
* clu_sun (n=cl114686@nat/sun/x-b94af6143bca078a) hat betreten
<phaoUNTOtom> Hello
<lizm> hi!
<Andreas_Sun> hi again!
<Andreas_Sun> @ Martin: do you actively join today?
<clu_sun> moin
<Andreas_Sun> OK then, let's walk through the action items
<Andreas_Sun> deinstallation survey is on the way. no updates there
<Andreas_Sun> 2. competitive analysis: Anyone has an update here? What's the status?
<Andreas_Sun> Miroslav busy?
<lizm> not sure of the status. I'll send him an email later  to ask
<mdamboldt> Hi!
<mdamboldt> Sorry for beeing late.
<Andreas_Sun> we should put a due date there. this information might only help if it's delivered in time during prototyping and evaluation.
<Andreas_Sun> hi martin
<lizm> when is the due date that would be fitting?
<Andreas_Sun> now
<Andreas_Sun> ;-)
<lizm> ha ha
<Andreas_Sun> seriously, we need it as soon as possible
<lizm> so is Fridaz this week reasonable?
<Andreas_Sun> yes
<lizm> ok
<lizm> maybe we won't get anything but we'll see
<Andreas_Sun> did Miroslav say how is planning to do that, which aspects he's going to focus on etc.?
<Andreas_Sun> ok, we'll see I guess.
<Andreas_Sun> 3. Publish feedback from proposal contributors as blog
<Andreas_Sun> I guess that CN is busy with that item. we will probably get some news tomorrow.
<Andreas_Sun> 4. Prepare Project Renaissance Status Report for June
<FrankL> Project Renaissance status presentation for June will take place this friday.
<Andreas_Sun> thx Frank
<FrankL> We will have to prepare the preso this week :-)
<Andreas_Sun> focus will probably be on the things we've achieved so far within the prototyping phase
<Andreas_Sun> I guess we will have a few things to show
<FrankL> I have update the user feedback data last week. It took some time to generate the spreadsheet  due to the web tooling and the amount of data. Please see Gullfoss blog:
<FrankL> We had some inquiries when we would publish the entire database for universities. 
<FrankL> Wrong news...
<FrankL> Prototype framework is in the making. Andre and Bernd uploaded a first prototype of a prototype here: 
<FrankL> It is Java based and needs some more work, but it is a very good point to start from after week 1 of the prototyping phase:
<Andreas_Sun> currenlty you'll need a JRE 6 version on your machine to make it work
<Andreas_Sun> mac os x has only java 5 so it won't work
<Andreas_Sun> however, we are checking if it is possible to go back to java 5
<lizm> ok
<Andreas_Sun> @ LIZ: can you run it on Sun Ray?
<Andreas_Sun> or any other machine you are using?
<lizm> I haven't tried it yet, but I will today:sun ray
<Andreas_Sun> thx
<Andreas_Sun> 5. Prepare blog on Prototyping
<FrankL> See:
<FrankL> So it is done.
<Andreas_Sun> ok, it's done then
<Andreas_Sun> right
<FrankL> ok
<FrankL> ;-)
<Andreas_Sun> ok. no more unfinished action items. round table.
<lizm> Christoph is almost done with his feedback on the proposal process, so that is stll in progress.
<Andreas_Sun> ok. thx
<FrankL> When will we provide the raw data form the user feedback program?
<Andreas_Sun> currently we have storage limitations
<Andreas_Sun> as soon as this issue is solved, we'll start working to make the data available
<Andreas_Sun> however, I can't come up with a data here
<Andreas_Sun> for now, we have a set of Calc documents
<lizm> thx for those. It already is sth to look at
<FrankL> Please find the updated spreadsheet here:
<Andreas_Sun> thx Frank
<Andreas_Sun> anyone else anything to share
<lizm> not today
<FrankL> No.
<Andreas_Sun> ok then, we are done for today.
<Andreas_Sun> talk to you next week!
<lizm> bye
<mdamboldt> bye
<Andreas_Sun> bye bye
<FrankL> Bye! See you on Friday!
* mdamboldt (n=md97092@nat/sun/x-1d23970cf647b75c) hat verlassen
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