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'''Meeting Details'''
'''Meeting Details'''
* 4:00 PM CET  
* 4:00 PM CET  
* IRC details: irc.freenet. #calendar-mtg
* IRC details: irc.freenode.net #ux.openoffice.org
== In Attendance ==
== In Attendance ==

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Meeting Details

  • 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details: irc.freenode.net #ux.openoffice.org

In Attendance

clu_sun, chris-j, mprove, Frankl, mdamboldt


  1. Nothing special for today
  2. Next Meeting

Meeting Log

<chris-j> Hi
<chris-j> So, meeting time :-)
<clu_sun> o.k.
<chris-j> I've not prepared any special agenda, because this is our first meeting on IRC.
<chris-j> Ivan prepared a pretty good logo for the project
<chris-j> please find it here:
<chris-j> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Art/Gallery/Rennaissance_Logo 
<clu_sun> i like jens habermanns third suggestion, too
<chris-j> From my point of view it is too techical....
<clu_sun> yes, but if you would combine it with stellas tag ..
<mprove> none of them looks like Florence (a nearly anonymous lurker)
<clu_sun> Florence is overrated ..
<chris-j> Agreed ... anyhow, I suggest to move on.
<mprove> clu_sun: I liked it - I was there for CHI  in April
<chris-j> I'll give a short update on what's happened last week
<clu_sun> .. means: don't we have anything more important to discuss (anonymous matthias?)
<clu_sun> i prefer sienna (i have seen both about two years ago on a motorcycle tour)
<chris-j> Andreas published some results of the first survey. The data can be found here:
<mprove> I guess chris-j  wants to say something
<chris-j> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Renaissance:IsoMetrics_Results
<mprove> chris-j: does this match the results that we got from our usability study some years ago?
<chris-j> Dave offered that some people of the City of Largo would also participate. So, the plan is to run a second survey in January.
<chris-j> mprove: yes, it matches with our results, but this time we had 171 responses
<mprove> chris-j: a nice validation for our 1st approach then.
<chris-j> that's true :-)
<chris-j> I can also give an short update on the usage feedback extension
<chris-j> It will be bundled with ooo starting with ooo 3.1
<mprove> is OOo3.1 required? And can I download the xtension right now?
<FrankL> Baseline for the extension is 3.0.1.
<chris-j> the ext. will be available for testing purposes end of this week.
<chris-j> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/User_Experience/OpenOffice.org_User_Feedback_Extension
<FrankL> I can provide a short update on the OOo User Survey
<FrankL> We have 149k responses so far. 107600 are full responses and 42K have not finished the survey.
<clu_sun> the feedback extension looks really interesting - do we have any feedback from the community about it?
<FrankL> The statistical tools of LimeSurvey could handle these data. Export as CSV file does not work on live database anymore.
<chris-j> clu_sun: Yepp. We received tons of positive feedback at the ooo con.
<FrankL> Now I am working on a list of things we need to know to create proper personas for project r.
<clu_sun> is it possible to detect different personas from the data, yet?
<FrankL> I think we will have 5-7 personas.
<clu_sun> do you already know which is the 'biggest' one?
<FrankL> We have a marketing contact from Sun who offered to make the evaluation of the survey, if we provide the questions to be answered.
<mprove> Jen McGinn presented a persona approach based on large scale survey data.
<mprove> at CHI
<FrankL> Do you have a link?
<mprove> http://blogs.sun.com/designatsun/entry/data_driven_personas
<mprove> http://flickr.com/photos/mprove/2410669538/
<FrankL> Thanks. I will provide it to Andreas.
<chris-j> What else do we have for today?
<clu_sun> maybe any community questions?
<mprove> chris-j: does the extension track the usage of task panes? open/close/schwipp-schwapp..  And tool bar customization??
<chris-j> mprove: The task panes can be tracked in parts. For example controls located within the pane.
<chris-j> mprove: toolbar customization can also be tracked, if the changes rely on 'standards'.
<mprove> chris-j: so you do not track if I close a task paine over and over again? _ http://uxooo.blogspot.com/2008/11/impress-task-pain.html
<mprove> chris-j: statistics on customization would provide insights in changing our defaults.
<chris-j> I agree.
<chris-j> Regarding the closer. We can track "document close", etc. I'm not sure about the closer. Regarding the task pa(i)ne exists a bug. I hope it gets fixed soon.
<mprove> "OOo 3.2" is not really soon.
<chris-j> I agree.
<mprove> For my Impress doc I have to close it  4 times. My scenario: 2 windows open to compare slides and changing between slide mode and slide sorter gives another 2 task panes. It really takes time to arrange the document after opening....
<chris-j> Please be so kind and add this to http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=95600. Thanks :-)
<IZBot> issue 95600: Presentation DEFECT NEW P3 Task Panel stays not collapsed when adding slide
<chris-j> Anything else with regards to Renaissance?
<chris-j> Ok....
<mprove> chris-j: done
<chris-j> Thanks guys. 'See' you next year :-)
<mdamboldt> bye
<FrankL> bye

Next Meetings

  • Action Item (chris-j): Prepare Agenda
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