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== Meeting Details ==
== Meeting Details ==
16:00 CET, Hamburg <br>
16:00 CET, Hamburg <br>

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Meeting Details

16:00 CET, Hamburg

Participants: Andreas, Frank, Bettina, Christian, Nils, Christoph

Action Items




Meeting Log

  • Upcoming meetings should be held on IRC


  • Received 204 valid responses from VBG for survey bases on Isometrics
  • Played with ODF Toolkit for doing some analysis on document content
  • We should have a mini survey on OpenOffice.org


  • Prepares a competitive analysis based on a task oriented approach.
    • How many steps are needed to create a "good looking" table


  • Analysis the OpenOffice.org registration survey


  • User Feedback Program: We're doing some bug fixing. Plan is to have the extension out with OpenOffice.org 3.01. Extension build which will run with dev builds of ooo 3.01 will be available for testing soon.
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