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Prototyping phase II has started. A new prototype will be released soon.


Building a flexible framework for mid-fidelity prototyping to test promising UI designs with real users.



The latest prototype (v 0.15) can be started here (Java 6 required)

Note: This mid-fidelity prototype has no polished UI design! Also the content of the toolbar section is not final nor complete. We just want to test the menu and toolbar interaction with normal users. Therefore the prototype provides only limited functionality that allows us to run some tests in real live scenarios like creating a small presentation and doing some formatting.

Supported functionality in prototype

Tip: functional buttons in the toolbars show a green point in the lower left corner

  • Loading ODP files from OOo (ODF)
  • Load/Save own XML file format
  • Main menu
  • Slideable toolbar area
  • Zoom slider
  • New handles/ mode less rotation
  • Insert
    • Bitmaps
    • Shapes
  • Format (context sensitive like in StarOffice 4/5)
    • Border style
    • Border width
    • Character format (bold/italic/underlined)
    • Paragraph (left, right, centered, justified)
    • Color and gradient for
      • Fill
      • Border
  • Design
    • Slide theming
    • Color theming
  • Views
    • Normal
    • Sorter
    • 3D (i.e. on small devices)
    • Presentation mode
    • Notes window (at the bottom in normal view)
    • Slide preview (on the left in normal view)
  • Direct object interaction for
    • Slides
      • Yellow circle: Slide/overview zoom
      • M: Live master mode switch
      • Copy/delete/duplicate

Progress / Mini-Minutes


Tasks to support

  • Must have
    • insert slide (done)
    • delete slide (done)
    • duplicate slide (done)
    • change slide layout (done)
    • change slide design (done)
    • input text (done)
    • navigate through slides (done)
  • Nice to have
    • insert image (done)
    • insert shape (done)
    • insert table
    • insert text field (done)
  • If possible
    • modify image
    • modify shape (done)
    • modify table
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