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== IsoMetrics Goals ==
== IsoMetrics Goals ==
=== IsoMetrics-S ===
=== IsoMetrics-S ===

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IsoMetrics Goals


The short version of IsoMetrics helps us to find usage problems that are organized into 7 stardarized categories, based on the international norm ISO 9241-10. Using this survey we will be able to cover a large set of users in specific contexts due to an online version. IsoMetrics-S is designed to find the answers to the follwing questions: 1. How good is OpenOffice.org in respect to the user perceived quality as represented by the set of 75 statements included in the survey. 2. Where, among the 7 categories, are the problems located?


This version of IsoMetrics can be used as a formative UX engineering instrument. In addition to the 75 statements from the short version, the long version gives the users the possibility the rate the importance of each statement and to give examples where they cannot agree with the aspects described by the 75 statements. This is goes beyong mere detection of problems. IsoMetrics-L helps to uncover the reseans users have problems and their specific location in OpenOffice.org.

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