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== FAQ ==
== FAQ ==
* [[Renaissance:FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]] - Answerers on Frequently Asked Questions
== How You Can Help ==
== How You Can Help ==

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Please do not edit this page unless you are on the Renaissance team. Your feedback and comments are welcomed on the ui@ux.openoffice.org mailing list.

Renaissance Logo.png

Welcome to the wiki of the OpenOffice.org Renaissance Project.

Our Mission


Project Charter

Project Phases

  • Research - Know and understand OpenOffice.org users to better meet their needs.
  • Design - Generate and accumulate design ideas to create prototypes based on valid data.
  • Evaluate - Evaluate promissing solutions.

General Information


How You Can Help

Get Involved/Share Ideas

The people in the renaissance project hang out on #ux.openoffice.org on irc.freenode.net.

Share Ideas

Share your cool user interface ideas on ui@ux.openoffice.org

Fix bugs

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