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Product Releases of are downloaded by millions of users, are integrated into complex business solutions and are published by different Linux distributions around the world. Therefore a Release of OOo has to fulfill a lot of requirements. Over the past years many requirements came up and this should be a collection.



Release Criteria should address the most critical aspects which are important for a Release of Many areas have to be checked by the Release Manager or others before a release approval can be given. All items on this page are needed to be fulfilled before a release approval. But it is possible that one or more items are not fulfilled and a release is approved. Then the Release Status Meeting has given the approval.


  • The Release Managers and the Release Status Meeting approve the general Release of OOo. This means that the English version and the source of OOo is approved. Then there isn't planned any further build for such release. All otehr languages have to been released on such code base.
  • Other languages are approved by the corresponding Localization (L10N) teams. If this isn't done, a language build will stay in unstable status and isn't available on the general download link.


Quality requirements

Automated testing QUASTe

  • The 'required' tests have to run without any error and warning in the English version (more languages are welcome)
  • The 'optional' tests should run without any error and warning in the English version (more languages are welcome)

General testing

  • TCM testing should be finalized for one or more languages without any Stopper Issue
  • All install sets are checked generally (MD5 sums etc are available)
  • There is not any Issues in IssueTracker open for the corresponding release target
  • There is not any CWS in EIS open for the corresponding release target

Stopper Issues

  • There is not any opened and known Stopper issues for this release
  • The last Release Candidate is available for longer than 5 days and there is not any new announced and approved Stopper in the Releases mailing list (releases

Localization requirements

  • English is source language and has to be 100% translated in User Interface (UI) and Online Help (Help)
  • When possible other languages should be translated near 100% before release
  • but it is allowed to give a release approval by the corresponding L10N project when UI and help are 80% translated

Legal requirements

  • All legal requirements for the product have been cleared (3rd party software etc.)

Technical requirements

  • is informed about the release early enough
  • install sets are shifted to the final place for download
  • links for the download are activated

Marketing requirements

  • Release notes are ready
  • Web sites for the Release are ready and present
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