Release QA for localized OOo with VCL testtool

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How to use the VCL Testtool

by NAKATA, Maho (


To mark as `released', release candidate packages must be QA'ed. How candidates are QA'ed are up-to the responsibilities of QA lead of each native language project. A possible release test can be done by using QAtesttool, and it is widely accepted.

VMplayer or not?

For Pentium/Opteron machines, we used VMware player which is freely available and in this document, we used intensively used VMware player (or vmware server)

* We can isolate environment and do not break ones setting for tests
* We can perform two tests at the same time.
* You can VMware server, too but this is a persona pereference; but VMware player is bit faster.

How long does one test run take?

Release sanity test usually takes about 15 hours regardless of the platform, e.g., CPU etc.

Available documents

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